At Huffkins we truly pride ourselves on the quality of our people. In return for your energy, committment and teamwork you can expect highly competitve rates of pay, job security, market-leading training, great cake and a lot of good fun along the way.



Whether your goal is to accelerate your career into senior management or simply to find a role that affords you job satisfaction and a good work-life balance, we will look to grow and hone your skills. Our in-house training regime is modular and can be tailored to suit you. Where appropriate, you will be supported in achieving further qualifications including NVQs.


We employ bakers, confectioners, patissiers, waiters, waitresses, baristas, shop attendants, managers, assistant managers, shift supervisors, accountants, purchase ledger clerks, maintenance specialists, drivers, cleaners and more...

We also encourage and support career changes. Many of our people have moved between roles, including into specialised areas such as the bakery, so if you have a burning passion to change path speak to us about it. The opportunities are endless. 


Craft Baking is not an easy industry. It is best known for hot ovens, heavy dough and night shifts. But then again there's nothing quite like handmade bread and cakes. So from it's founding in 1890 through all manner of fluctuations in commodity prices, two world wars, the great depression, the rise of the supermarket and the mechanisation of baking, Huffkins has continued. More than that in fact, from the origins of a one-off bakery shop in 1890 Huffkins has become a thriving company employing around 180 people across the bakery, restaurant and retail sectors today. It's a wonderful legacy and a testament to the hard work of many hands. We are proud to continue this work.


Today the company is still family owned and we intend to continue the great work that began over 120 years ago. The world may have changed a lot since 1890 but experience tells us that our company still needs great people. That's where you come in...


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