Healthy breakfast ideas: 3 Tips for a better poached egg

Huffkins Chilli Smashed Avocado & Eggs on Sourdough

Huffkins Chilli Smashed Avocado & Eggs on Sourdough

Here at Huffkins we take eggs very seriously indeed and we'd like to say a huge thanks to Billy's Eggs in Gloucestershire who supply our free range local eggs.  Poached eggs can be one of the most nutritious & satisfying starts to the day if they're done properly, but one of the most frustrating if they don't turn out as intended! Follow these tips for a cracking time...

  1. THE FRESHER THE BETTER: The fresher an egg it is the "tighter" it will poach as the egg white (albumen) becomes more fluid over time, increasing the chance of getting 'whispy' tails on your egg...
  2. SIMMER DON'T BOIL: Don't add an egg to water which is at a rolling boil, it's too violent & you'll likely end up with egg soup.  You should take the water to a gentle simmer, not an aggressive boil. Add the egg delicately from a ramekin into a medium pan with about 3 inches of water up the sides for a straightforward approach.
  3. ADD A TEASPOON OF VINEGAR  to the water. This lowers the temperature at which the white solidifies, helping you to achieve a perfect poach. 3 minutes is a good guide time for a runny yolk.

You can visit us across the cotswolds if you'd like to sample our Chilli Smashed Avocado & Eggs on Sourdough (pictured), or perhaps an Eggs Benedict or Royale if you'd rather. See our menu for more details.

Take a tour of Huffkins Stratford upon Avon!

Check out our brand new video tour of our newest location in Stratford upon Avon! We're on Bridge Street, opposite M & S, just around the corner from the renowned Royal Shakespeare Company making us perfect for a pre-theatre afternoon tea! This historic market town, renowned as the birth place of Shakespeare has so much to offer with over 800 years of history packed into its beautiful streets. Definitely one to put on the day-trip list if you haven't already!

Huffkins Chocoholics Anonymous...3 tips for a better chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake. It's usually the first thing I think of in the morning, and it frequently occupies my mind when I'm in bed trying to go to sleep. If this is also something with which you are also currently suffering, please see below tips for the perfect chocolate cake...

  1. DARK NOT SWEET. The core of any good chocolate cake should be achieving a real depth of chocolatey flavour. Use an unsweetened cocoa powder or a high quality melted dark chocolate to get proper chocolate depth. Sweetness can be introduced into the batter in a number of other ways, so make real chocolate flavour & depth the first & only focus of the chocolate ingredients.
  2. TAKE YOUR TIME. Although it can be tempting to serve up your cake as soon as it's decorated, you'll get a better flavour by leaving it covered for 24 hours before eating. Flavours take some time to fully mature in cake (our fruitcakes take 3 months to properly mature), so try make the cake slightly in advance if you can.
  3. A PINCH OF SALT. Added to the batter early on can really help to bring out flavour & depth in the cake. Be sure to add it early in the process as seasoning benefits from time to develop & mature flavour.

Whilst I can't promise that the above tips are 100% effective for preventing dreams about chocolate cake, they should at least help to ensure that your chocolatey dreams don't turn the corner into cocoa-based nightmares... Visit us at one of our 5 locations in the Cotswolds to sample our Chocolate Tuck Shop Gâteau (pictured).

p.s. We're delighted to collaborate with local production company GTN Productions to create our videos and can thoroughly recommend them!