About Us

The story so far...

We are an independent family business with our own craft bakery and a heritage that stretches back to 1890. It was back then that Mr Titcombe, baking in Burford, delivered bread and cakes to the villagers with his donkey and cart. Given the impracticalities of donkeys we've progressed a bit since then, but we still bake everything by hand using the finest ingredients. Our bakers work through the night, producing everything from the bread we use to make our sandwiches to the most intricate tiered wedding cakes.

We don't believe our customers should settle for anything less than the best tasting British bakery produce and freshly prepared dishes. In the kitchens our chefs use fresh and seasonal ingredients sourced locally to prepare our dishes. That's why, for instance,  you'll find Gloucester Old Spot sausage in our flour dusted baps and if you ask for ketchup or salad dressing you'll be served our own homemade recipe.

Our specials boards allow us to offer the best local produce as soon as it becomes available. Our teas, which we buy directly from the finest small producers around the world under our ethical trading initiative, are blended with fine local ingredients including Cotswold fruits and lavender from Snowshill near Broadway.

Huffkins is an accredited supplier to the National Trust and a supplier of breads, cakes and patisserie to many local hotels, businesses and organisations.

Our staff...

Sadly they are without exception the most dreadful bunch of no-hopers you could ever have the misfortune to meet. Sorry, but it has to be said. Most of them have been with us a long time, too long some would say. If you manage to catch their eye or get any of their attention (which would in actual fact be a complete miracle), please don’t humour them, it only makes them worse. You’ll find them lippy and generally unhelpful and most will be poorly turned out and sloppy in attitude. The trouble is you can’t get the staff around here. Regular beatings do occur in our staff meetings in an attempt to improve their performance, but it’s actually completely hopeless. Please let us have your thoughts on the customer comment cards located in the tea rooms. We do not add a service charge to your bill, any gratuities go in full to the entire staff team and are very gratefully received. Thank you.

Please visit our online shop at www.huffkins.com.  You can now purchase our 2011 and 2012 Great Taste Award Gold Medal winning products in stores or order selected products online at ‘www.huffkins.com’.